Tackling Coronavirus

The unexpected and powerful pandemic known as the Coronavirus has swept New York City off its feet and has sent the city into unparallel times. It is a catastrophe that no one saw coming, and no one was prepared for. Jordan Hafizi will not accept laying down on his back against this virus and letting it take over his community. It is very important to Jordan that he builds a community that will fight the Coronavirus with everything they have, much as he will himself. While doing this, also ensuring that the Constitution is being respected and that his people are never again stripped of their civil liberties, much like the Democrats have already done. Let's bring back the community we knew and loved!



  • In his first legislative session, Jordan Hafizi vows to propose a bill that cuts the salary of all elected officials in NYC to whatever the max restaurant capacity allowed is at the time. Why should politicians be thriving while the city is dying?

  • If Democrats are to hold up the bill, Jordan vows to personally give one-third of his salary away to local businesses and families within the 50th district that are in need.

  • The left has already seized the moment of the pandemic to strip the citizens of this city of their civil liberties and Jordan will not let this happen any longer. Jordan will fight for the liberties of the citizens in the 50th district and protect their constitutional rights at all costs. We cannot let them continue to get away with this! Jordan will ensure that they wont.






  • Jordan Hafizi will propose a mobile vaccine distribution system in which will avoid mass gatherings at vaccine centers, and citizens having to wait in line for hours for a vaccine.

  • Vehicles equipped with Covid-19 vaccines will be shipped out to attend certain neighborhoods on certain days where people in that neighborhood who can show proof of eligibility for the vaccine will be given it without having to leave the safety of their own home.

  • Jordan Hafizi will not enforce any mandatory vaccinating whatsoever and will ensure that no citizen has that choice made for them or as that choice affect their life in any way or form.





  • Jordan vows that one of his top priorities as soon as he steps into office will be to explore all safe and effective possible routes when it comes to the process of sending our students back to school.

  • This will be done by listening to the voices of the teachers, students, and families of the 50th district, instead of elected officials who have no experience in the field.